June 10, 2007


Kyle, my good friend from College gave me the following challenge

"Make me a chocolate cupcake that is nice and fluffy with a bit of a crisp top (not burnt) BUT FUDGY in the middle! That's the shit I'm after"

So now I've been really thinking about how I can make this a reality. I promised him that once it was developed I would send him a sample. I'll probably have to let him name it too I suppose. For the top I'm thinking kind like the top of coffee cake would be really nice, but the fluffy/fudgy combo is making me scrath my head! So far all I could think of was doing a regular chocolate cupcake batter and dropping a teaspoon of brownie batter in the middle before baking, but I think it'll sink to the bottom. I don't want to cut the tops because if I use the coffee cake idea the cake will pretty much be exposed and it'll look kinda frankensteinish!

If anyone has any idea's on way's I can make this work let me know, I'd totally apprecieate it! <3


Minko said...

How about putting a chocolate cream cheese mix in the middle of the batter - it will sink a little in the cooking. Or how about putting a chocolate truffle in the middle of the batter.

Anonymous said...

Hello, you might try a "molten chocolate cake" recipe, as it seems to be both fluffy chocolate cake and fudgy interior? you have a great blog.