March 17, 2010

Happy Humpday/St. Patrick's Day

"Hump me I'm Irish"

No cupcakes in this post but I just wanted to say, I hope you all have a fantastic day as everyone is considered Irish on St. Patties! Because this is a day everyone generally get's shitfaced I've written some sage advice for you in the form of a limerick:

A pickle's a cure for a hangover
Eat one when bowls are aquiver
I know it seems lewd
But I'm telling you dude
It really is good for your liver

Trust me, this is going to save you tomorrow morning.

March 5, 2010


Have you heard of Pandora? It's this cute charm jewelry company. You get a base piece and just start adding charms to it. I recently bought a bracelet for a friend of mine's birthday and saw the cupcake charm while I was there. Adorable!!

Flour Girls

A cupcake bakeshop called Flour Girls opened up in my quaint little suburb a couple years ago and I was pretty excited to sample their wares. I even braved a snowstorm to try them out on their opening day.

I was mega disappointed. The cake was a little on the dry side and the meringue buttercream icing tasted like chemicals to me. Maybe my tastebuds are fucked up cause they assure me that the cupcakes are made from all natural ingredients. So I thought maybe they were just having an off day, or maybe I was just having an off day. So I gave them a second chance and bought a 6 pack of various flavours.
They were all pretty much the same as the first one I'd tired with one exception. Their carrot cupcake called "Pass the Carrots Please" is awesome (cream cheese icing FTW!). I've also heard their red velvet cupcake called "Seeing Red" is tastey.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood (which I doubt cause we're on the outskirts of subrbia to the point of being subparburbia) I highly recomend picking up a six pack of those two, leave everything else and pretend it dosen't exist

(pictures borrowed from My Happy Cupcake Co.)